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What our guests are saying about Molly’s House.


“One may come across people from all over who are [at Molly’s House] experiencing a myriad of situations from treatment to attending a funeral of a family member. But here, one is allowed to just BE…while they are enduring some of life’s most traumatic times…how rare. There is no doubt about it that I would not have been able to stay and help my brother without what I consider a slice of heaven. I felt safe and cared for. It is like having a Big Bear Hug around you. It is a refuge, a sanctuary. It is a respite from the stress and trauma of my brother’s illness. It is physically lovely to look at but most of all, it is sacred to me. You can feel Molly’s spirit within the house. I felt grace, calm and peace each day during my stay.”
– Claudia, New York, New York

“We are so thankful for the availability to stay here at such a low price.  The staff was so accommodating and kind to us during a very difficult time in my son’s life.  This facility is a blessing to many families.”
– Terri

“The volunteers are exceptional.  I really felt at home sitting and chatting, and that means so much when everything is so stressful.  Thank you all so much!”
– Debbie

“The kindness and generosity of those who serve here will always be with me and something I will try to give to others.”
– Kevin

“We are so appreciative being able to stay here when my sister was in rehab, then in a nursing home.”
– Faye

“I just want you to know how wonderful our time was at Molly’s House while my sister was ill and passed away.”
– Patty

“Thank you for your service to others in their time of need. May God Bless.”
– Fran

“Molly’s House was clean, friendly and homey. I never heard of a place like this until I came here and I think it is wonderful.”
– Anonymous

“My daughter Lynsey was born on April 11, 2007 prematurely. She was unable to breathe properly and taken to the NICU at Martin Memorial. At the time, my family lived in Okeechobee. Thanks to Molly’s House, I was able to stay close to the hospital and my daughter…She is a happy, healthy two-year-old now.”
– Kelli, Okeechobee, Florida

“Two and a half years ago I came to Molly’s House as a frightened stranger. I left with a family that I will never forget.”
– Shirley

“A flat tire on the road followed by a medical emergency left me and my parents far from home in unfamiliar surroundings. My mother was brought by ambulance to Martin Medical Center for emergency surgery, while I scrambled to find appropriate lodging for myself and my father who was wheelchair bound and also quite ill. An ER staff member named Amanda had already contacted Molly’s House when she handed me your brochure. I was greeted that evening by Gerri, with a hug, and assurances that we were welcome as long as we needed, and that she would look in on my father while I was out visiting my mother. She really put my mind at ease. My father was enormously grateful to have a safe, comfortable, wheelchair accessible place to stay.”
– Jeanne, New York, New York

“True to Molly’s Dream, I found the warmth, safety and friendship that she envisioned. A difficult time for me was made easier knowing I had Molly’s House to come home to.”
– Judy, Rancho Cucamanga, CA

“Just a note to say thanks so much for “looking out for my family while my father had surgery a couple of weeks ago.”
– Rick

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